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Position Reports To:

a)       Shift Supervisor

b)      Operations Manager

b)      Customer Service Representative

c)      Paramedics, Physicians and Nursing personnel for consultation, supervision and direction              of the provision of emergency, medical care in a given situation to an individual patient(s).

Position Supervises: No direct or indirect reports

Working Environment: Ambulance/Individual Ambulance Base as Assigned

Physical/Mental: The ability to lift and maneuver 150 pounds with assistance and without difficulty.  The ability to walk up and down stairs without difficulty and the ability to lift and carry 150 pounds up and down two flights of stairs with assistance and without difficulty.  The ability to sit or stand for long periods of time.

FLSA Status: Non‐Exempt


Responds to select medical and traumatic emergencies along with responding to select hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes to provide inter-facility transfers.

Provides emergency medical care at the scene, en route to the hospital and during transportation from facility-to-facility. Provides emergency medical care as appropriate to the practice of the registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).   Delivers the patient to the nearest most appropriate medical facility. Adheres to Company, local, regional, and state guidelines regarding patient care.

Performs basic life support procedures, based upon certification level.

Performs other duties related to emergency and non-emergency medical care and development of the emergency medical system (EMS) and/or TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE, INC.


Demonstrates and ensures knowledge, understanding and compliance of TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC.  policies and procedures.

Ensures that the vehicle and equipment is ready for use at the beginning of the shift and after every call. This includes: appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the interior and exterior of the vehicle; appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of equipment; inspecting; restocking, and completing daily checklists of the vehicle and equipment; and performing routine maintenance.

Performs daily inspections of their base and/or station for cleanliness. Then performs the appropriate housekeeping duties to ensure their living quarters are clean, free from clutter and sanitary at all times.

Responds to emergencies and non-emergencies using appropriate care and caution in accordance with Indiana law, EMS regulations, Company policy, and the principles of safe emergency vehicle operation. As per TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC.’s policy always wears their seat belt when in a Company vehicle.

Renders emergency and non-emergency medical care in accordance with the rules, regulations, protocols, policies, and procedures of TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC. the State of Indiana, consistent with good judgment and the provision of high quality medical care. Appropriately and safely delivers the patient to the nearest most appropriate medical facility.

Works with ALS personnel in a professional manner and works at their skill level in accordance to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security EMS Commission and company policies. Maintain good relations between our own ALS services, as well as outside services.

Acts at all times in the best interests of high quality patient care, in the best interest of the patient, and in such a manner to reflect credibly on TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC. and the professional reputation of the EMT.  Acts at all times with his/her personal safety in mind, as well as the safety of his/her partner, the patient, other EMS personnel, bystanders, and any other public safety personnel present.

Accompanies BLS patients to their destination, continuing to provide appropriate care and patient advocacy until the responsibility for the patient has been transferred to an appropriate medical professional and a report has been given.

Co-signs all patient care forms for completeness.  Completes all appropriate documentation and record keeping for every assignment. Obtains complete billing information for all clients transported.

Adheres to Universal Precautions/Body Substance Isolation when dealing with patient contacts. Is familiar with and practices the Infection Control policies and procedures of TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC.

When necessary and appropriate, acts as a team leader in dealing with emergency and non-emergency situations, directing and supervising other members of the emergency medical care team.

Accepts responsibility for recertification as an EMT by the IDHS EMS Commission. Completes appropriate continuing education courses in a timely fashion along with biannual recertification in BLS Healthcare Provider – CPR.  

Provides TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC. with a current copy of their EMT certification, CPR card, and Motor Vehicle Driver’s License. Completes training in all Company, state and federal mandates.

Reports to assigned shifts in proper uniform and on time unless the proper notification has been made. Remains on-duty and in proper uniform until properly relieved.

Acts as an EMT preceptor when called upon by management to train or retrain fellow employees.  Allows and is willing to accommodate third riders for orientation and/or educational purposes. Completes all documentation on behalf of student interns.

May be required to be on‐call and/or remain on duty after shift‐end.

Performs other duties as directed by management.


  • Currently registered as an EMT by the IDHS EMS Commission
  • Current certification in CPR – Basic Life Support by the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross.
  • Current Motor Vehicle Operator’s license.
  • High degree of personal integrity and responsibility.
  • Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision, using good judgment and common sense with a thorough understanding of the principles of emergency medical care.
  • Ability to work efficiently and interact in a constructive and professional manner with other employees, a partner, public safety personnel, medical staff, and other emergency medical service members.
  • Ability to interact effectively and professionally with patients, customers, clients, family members, bystanders, and the general public in such a manner as to reflect credibly on TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC.
  • Demonstrates a level of skill and ability consistent with the provision of high quality patient care.
  • The ability to perform effectively as team leader in patient care situations.
  • The ability to perform effectively in carrying out public relations and community education functions and the ability to deal effectively with members of the medical community and general public in promoting TRI-COUNTY AMBULANCE SERVICE, INC.
Location: Wakarusa, IN
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